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via Wikimedia

Welcome to InnovationToronto.org!

This site is a faster version of our InnovationToronto.com site that has been running since 2007.  The theme we have been using for a few years on InnovationToronto.com is very slow for a lot of visitors.  The problem is, all our our 21k+ posts on .com depend on the theme.  Changing things would be really ugly and very disruptive.


We are slowing gearing up InnovationToronto.org as a long-term replacement, but, it is going to take time to get all of the posts moved.

This is an interim step on our way to an exciting new project (TBA) we have been working on for over a year but we hope you find it useful in the meantime.

Please let us know if you run into issues with this site as it will be a continual work in progress for the foreseeable future.


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